What a pleasure to work with Phil. He makes an average script sound good, a good script sound great, and a great script sound… well, greater. (This sounds like an “average” review!). Phil has a versatile voice that’s pitch perfect for narration, sizzle videos and promotional projects. He gets it right on the first take, which makes it easy to explore alternative ideas and directions in a session.

Mike Lawrence, Creative Director, akhia communciations

Phil is a pleasure to work with, fast and adaptable, dealing with problems as they arise. He was asked to match the tone and pace of a foreign language VO (a language he doesn’t speak!) and he managed it beautifully. My client is happy, so I am happy! I can recommend his VO services to anyone wanting fast and professional service.

Nicola Seaton-Clark, Head of Project Management, Offstimme

I have worked with hundreds of voice talents since 2004 and I can definitely say Phil is one of the best. His voice range is incredibly versatile, he is easy to communicate with and delivers very quickly an impeccable result. A great artist whom I gladly recommend. He is such a great talent to work with!

Irma Yordanova, International clients, ASAP Studio

In a pinch I needed a VO Talent for a client project. I reached out to Phil, sent him the script and information and he had it turned around so quick for us. He is an absolute professional and his range of talent surpassed our expectations and we WILL be adding Phil to our talent roster. Thank you for your quick turnaround and flexibility for our needs. I would highly recommend Phil for any VO or on-air talent work.

Keri Mullin, Production Manager, The Rhoads Group

Thank you very much for your support and service. Your work had great quality, and we were super happy that the customer liked it too!

We will definitely keep you and your work in mind. And when we need another recording, we’ll get in touch with you for sure!

Pierre Schmidt, Producer and Designer, PIRATELOVE

I was casting for a video, and as soon as I heard Phil’s voice he was my first choice – and also for my client. The choice was clear. Phil’s voice was perfect from the first take.

Working with him has been a great pleasure. He’s really helpful and kind. We were able to finish the project quickly (and during Christmas vacation too!) He was a great ally. I’m looking forward to working with him again!

Ilaria Santi, Founder & Creative Director at PLAY VIDEO FACTORY

Working with Phil is a breeze. His style, tone and range adds so much polish and distinction to our productions.

Bill Horneck, Producer, SFL Media Group

Thank you so much being so generous with your time during the Kick COVID FIFA 20 Tournament. We were able to raise more than $10,000 for a really important cause. The event looked terrific and that wouldn’t have been possible without your enthusiasm and professionalism.

Daniel Sillman, CEO, Relevent Sports Group

Phil recently helped with narration to highlight sponsors for a charity luncheon. In the era of corona-virus, the luncheon ended up as a virtual event which was live streamed to nearly 1,000 participants. Phil’s voice was perfect for the event. He was super easy to work with and helped us at a reasonable rate. I look forward to working together again.

Alan Kirby, Owner, All Pro Media

We loved working with Phil on a multi-language video project. He was precise, skilled, professional and easy to work with! A reliable partner, even though he was many miles away.

Soledad Bossio, Owner, ESE Estudio