And on the Third Day…,

… I rested.

Yesterday, while the rest of the team went out into the community to spread the word about all the upcoming events, Miss Darla told me to stay back and rest. It’s her mission, and one thing I’ve learned over five years is you don’t mess with Miss Darla!

It would have been nice to meet and greet friends old and new, but I did appreciate the opportunity to relax. I’m not sure how much it will help with my Bell’s Palsy recovery, but it can’t hurt. The time it can take to recover is the most frustrating aspect. But I’m more and more convinced He’s teaching me patience.

It gave me a chance to catch up on some reading. I don’t know about you, but I read in cycles, and on the upswing I could be in the middle of a half dozen books or more! Here’s what I’m reading now:

  • Whisper, Mark Batterson
  • Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt
  • The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod
  • Mi Arbol Navidad, Carlos Ancelotti
  • The Great Detectives, Julian Symons

Plus, listening to audiobooks of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Mel Robbins’ The 5 Second Rule.

What’s on your reading list right now?

Stress can be a major contributor to Bell’s Palsy attacks, and it has been a stressful last few months with changes at work and at home. And my enthusiasm in the launch of my new company had me pushing myself to the limit. Just like the parable of the rich farmer described in Luke, I was putting too much emphasis on building new silos at the expense of everything else.

So, a day to avoid stress? It was a welcome gift. It gave me a chance to say thank you to many of you who have been praying and wishing me well, to recognize how much I love what I do and how excited I am about the new horizons opening up with a business of my own.

I do have some concerns if there will be any lasting effects from this attack, but I am surprisingly calm considering. The reason for my hope? He got me through it before and I know He can do it again. And if He doesn’t it’s because He has something even more important planned for me. And I’m excited either way. Because it will be good.

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