My goal: To be the best I can be, and do it even better every day.

Let’s work together and tell your tale. What you have to say is important. I want it to sound its best. Whether it’s a commercial, a project or a game – use my skills and experience to get your message across. Whether it’s my voice as a commentator, or my experience as a consultant and a coach I can help.

Take the first step and connect with me. Click below, and send me a message to let me know what you need. And give me the chance to help you share your story. Let’s start today.

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Since I was a teenager in high school, I have been doing voice-over and narration. I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things along the way, but even now I’m always trying to do it better. Take a listen to my commercial demo, and click through for my new e-learning / corporate demo and narration samples.


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Over the years, here are some of the companies and projects I have provided voice-overs, narration and voice acting for:

I would love to add your name to that list. Let’s talk about how we can work together to tell your story. Reach out today, and I’ll get back to you right away!


Phil is all professional. He gets the work done exactly as requested, is reasonable and flexible and friendly about it, and follows up to make sure everyone’s happy. What more can you ask for?

Duncan Macintyre, President, Struggling Artists International

The best English-language play-by-play man in the country.

Grahame Jones, the Sporting News
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Born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami, I was the kid that used to sneak my transistor radio under my pillow at bedtime, slowly turning the dial so I could listen to a game from those far-off, exciting places like St. Louis or Cleveland.

I worked at my high school radio station for fun, earning a degree in broadcast journalism from Bowling Green State University. Along the way, I called my share of games and even narrated documentary videos for one of my professors. Eventually I realized my voice was my calling.

I began pursuing my career at various radio stations in New Jersey and Ohio before my love of the beautiful game led me to Texas to work for a minor league soccer team. A return to South Florida led to a return to broadcasting and the start of my television career.

Today, in addition to calling soccer matches alongside the legendary Ray Hudson, I’ve launched my own company, VoiceGoals, Inc., providing voice-overs, voice acting and narration around the world.

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Over the years, I’ve been blessed to be a part of many sporting memories. From World Cups, to Copa Americas, to MLS’s very first game and Clasicos too numerous to count.

Relive some of those memories…

There have been plenty of highlights, and lowlights. Some I learned from. Some I remember fondly.

Real Madrid – Barcelona highlights, 2019
Trinidad and Tobago – USA, WCQ 2017

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Does Your Degree or Major Matter? Time for Schoolin’

Someone recently asked me for some career advice, as they want to get into sports broadcasting, but fear they won’t be given the chance as they didn’t take those courses in college. How important is your college major when it comes to a future in sportscasting? Is the degree itself even necessary? It made me … Continue reading Does Your Degree or Major Matter? Time for Schoolin’